What is WhatsApp API?

More than 2 billion people use WhatsApp to send and receive text messages, videos, and documents.
All of the above you can do via the WhatsApp API automatically.

You can send invoices, appointments, and OTP messages by creating integrations with your systems ( CRM, Team Inbox, Chatbot, Help Desk, etc).

also, through Web Hook technology, You can receive messages from customers, and thus you can create a chatbot and respond to customers automatically without your intervention.

ALVOCHAT is a WhatsApp API portal that provides you with an easy and flexible API to send and receive WhatsApp messages (text – media – documents…etc).

Can I open a free account and what are the requirements?

  • You can create a free Alvochat account here for three days.
  • also, you can get a free Meta test Whatsapp number from here.
  • In the event that the development of your system has not been completed, you can contact the Alvochat support team to extend your trial account.
  • When you finish the test and want to launch your system, you can add your company number to send and receive WhatsApp messages through your number. You can see this article.
    you need a website, email, the company’s commercial registration, and an address proof document.

What are the limitations of the trial account?

create a free trial account for 3 days and all features are enabled.

How WhatsApp Business API Pricing Works?

  • The cost you pay to Alvochat is $ 39 per month.
  • 1000 free messages per month.
  • Regarding the prices for messages from WhatsApp, they are according to the country. You can find out more information from the links below :
    Whatsapp API price Conversation-Based
    WhatsApp Pricing Calculator
  • For any inquiries regarding prices, we are pleased to assist you with that from here.

Can I send bulk message?

Alvochat does not have a limit as to how many messages you can send.

But you can only initiate chats if you are sending a transactional notification, and only via approved Templates, The template must be added and approved through WhatsApp before sending.

If your client starts chatting with you, you may continue that conversation via WhatsApp for up to 24 hours after the last message sent to you by that person.

In any case, if your primary goal is spam messages or ads without the customer’s consent, WhatsApp may stop the service.

The messages should be services (reminders – OTP – subscription – or any message or offers the customer is waiting for …etc).

Can you send interactive Whatsapp buttons?

Yes, Since you are using the official WhatsApp Cloud API, sure you can send buttons, menus, and products, and that would be great for more interaction with customers.