How To Get WhatsApp Green Tick?

What is WhatsApp Green Tick?

The WhatsApp Green Tick next to a WhatsApp name indicates that the entity has been approved as an Official Business Account, you must first receive approval of your use case to get started.

The verification process for businesses can be challenging, but brand owners deem it worthy because it impacts their credibility.

Advantages of A Green Badge on WhatsApp

  • Getting the WhatsApp green tick will improve your trustworthiness and brand presence.
  • prevent imposters from impersonating your brand.
  • the WhatsApp green tick also reduces the number of times customers block you or react negatively because you reached out to them.
  • increase the read rate of your messages as customers prefer verified businesses.
  • gives you more visibility as customers can see your brand name without saving your contact information.
  • increase your engagement, often leading to a higher ROI on your marketing campaign.

How to apply for WhatsApp Green Tick?

The technical steps to obtain a Green Tick are very simple, and approved by a specialized team on Facebook, so we do not recommend submitting the application when opening a new account, as there are many factors that help you accept the application and avoid rejection because when the application is rejected, you cannot submit another application until after 30 days.

The most important factors that help you get a Green Tick

  • The quality of the WhatsApp number and the history and customer interaction with it.
  • The number of messages sent and received in the previous months.
  • It’s better if you’re at least on Tier 2 or Tier 3 messaging level.
  • A website with good content and articles about your company or product.
  • Improve the Domain Authority of your site because WhatsApp greatly considers your business website domain authority.
  • Your business must be getting news coverage from large media.
  • The quality of your social media accounts.
  • Any documents you attach with the application (registration of a trademark, for example).

Submit Green Tick request

Go to  Business Manager and click on the Accounts toolsprofile

Now click on the Submit Request ubtton, and fill out the required information like your website and links to articles, social media accounts, and other information that show your account is notable.

And that’s it! You will receive a notification with Meta’s resolution within 1-5 business days. Check your email and Business Manager notifications.

Does Alvochat help me get a WhatsApp Green Tick?

The technical steps to obtain a Green Tick are very simple, You can apply to get verified on WhatsApp once you meet the requirements And the tips we mentioned above.

Alvochat or any API providers can’t help you with that, Some may promise to help you get it. Consider this unrealistic.

The verification decision lies entirely with the Meta team. You should also not pay anyone to get the WhatsApp green tick as the process is free.

What if I don’t get approved?

Don’t worry! we know that this happens a lot. A rejection for an Official Business Account does not mean that your account has been canceled or you are not adhering to guidelines. It’s possible that your brand is simply not well-known enough. Unfortunately, you do not get detailed feedback on why an application was rejected.

If a request for a verified business account is rejected, You can review the tips above and try again after 30 days, good luck.

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