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Last Updated Oct 31st, 2022

This Alvochat Terms of Service is an agreement between the Client and Alvochat from the date the Customer signs up on our website alvochat.com.

If a client violates any of the terms outlined below, we reserve the right to cancel and close accounts without notice.

Alvochat Platform

  1. This agreement includes the customer's consent to applicable terms of use related to all Third Party Messaging Platforms, and he has taken all steps as necessary to enable interoperability between the Alvochat and all applicable Third Party Messaging Platforms, including acquiring the necessary approvals and API tokens... etc
  2. Customer agrees that Alvochat may store, use, and transfer to its, Customer Data, including Personal Data, and Messages, solely in connection with delivering the Services under this Agreement, In addition, the user can delete messages, logs, and other data from his account at any time.

WhatsApp & Usage Policy

The customer is bound by the conditions specified by the Whatsapp company, You can view all the terms and conditions of WhatsApp through the following link: https://www.whatsapp.com/legal

  1. WhatsApp sometimes adds limits to businesses on the number of Whatsapp messages to send per day. All Customers must adhere to this Messaging Limit.
  2. Any violation of these WhatsApp policies may lead to a Stop and Block of the number by WhatsApp.
  3. Alvochat shall take no responsibility in case of any such violations, The customer will be responsible for any violation of the policies of the WhatsApp company, or the violation of local laws in your country.
  4. after registering on Alvochat and linking their WhatsApp number with Whatsapp Cloud API, Customers cannot use the same WhatsApp number on the mobile app.
  5. The client undertakes to obtain consent in advance from the user to whom the message is to be sent in any form, such as oral, written, or Email. etc, Or request messages from the user as an OTP code or a natural action for his clients through an accounting system - CRM - appointment program ... etc.
  6. The customer is obligated not to send any message that falls under the following items :
    • Spam messages.
    • sending messages via pornographic or other reprehensible messengers.
    • advertising alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or other illegal means.
    • transmission of information that violates the norms of the current legislation and international law or violates Whatsapp Policy.
  7. If a person initiates a chat and opens the Chat window, you may use that conversation and send messages and media via WhatsApp for up To 24 hours, With respect and commitment to all of the above and not to send anything that violates the terms of the WhatsApp application service.
  8. Outside of the Customer Service Window, the Customer may only send messages via approved Message Templates.
  9. You can at any time add the templates that are required for your business, and approval is done with before WhatsApp within a short time if they are good and not in violation of the conditions.
  10. Each WhatsApp number has a score value. Based on this value, your WhatsApp account will be upgraded and you will be able to send more daily quantities... Also, decreasing this value negatively affects the account and the account may be suspended. The most important factor for Score is that customers respond to the sent templates and not block you, so make sure that you send to your customers only and choose your templates carefully.

Alvochat Fees and Payment

  1. The customer will pay to Alvochat the fees described on the Alvochat.com Website.
  2. The customer will be responsible for paying the fees for Third-Party Messaging Platforms Fees such as Whatsapp, and SMS, Such charges shall be the responsibility of the Customer.
  3. All fees and prices are in US dollars, and the customer receives the invoice from the Alvochat website immediately after making the payment. Regarding third-party fees invoices, payment, payment and downloading of invoices can be made from the third-party website directly.
  4. Except when required by law, paid Subscription fees are non-refundable.
  5. Subscriptions are automatically renewed through the payment method that the User chose during purchase unless the User cancels the subscription within the deadlines for termination, This is before the end of the current subscription.