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To open a WhatsApp chat, you usually need to know the user’s phone number, save it on your device and search for it to start the conversation. WhatsApp link with Alvochat simplifies those steps in one click that opens the chat without saving phone numbers, this is what it’s called "click to chat” like But in a simpler and shorter way, and If you would like to make WhatsApp links for your client to contact you directly, you are in the right place. Alvochat lets you generate WhatsApp links for free and gives you QR code in five seconds.

After clicking on the Create Link button, you can copy the link or download the QR image of the link.

With ease, you can put the WhatsApp link in social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and can also be put it on your website.

Go to your Instagram profile, and click "Edit Profile", and replace the "Website" with the Alvochat link, Putting the link in your Instagram profile is important, without putting a link your customers will not be able to reach you.

After clicking the "Create Link" button, you can copy the link and put it on your site.

1-write your WhatsApp mobile number and choose the country.
2-Add your message that client will send to you.
3-Click on “create link” and copy it and share it!

All WA links that you create with Alvochat are free.

It’s a default WhatsApp message that will appear on the client’s text input field once your clients click on your link and open the chat.

Yes, you can see the number of visits and clicks of your link, country, and device type of the customer. This feature will be supported soon.

This feature will be supported soon, You will be able to delete and modify the WA link and message.

Sure, it will be extremely useful for you, the message will be short and beautiful.